Make Love Not Scars

*I have attached the link of the advertisement above*

Advertising has a very powerful influence. Commercially, they influence our choice of clothing, the products we buy and how we choose to style our life. However, they also are strong and influential in today’s day and age to convey messages.‘Beauty Tips by Reshma’ is one such campaign that came into light by an organisation called “Make Love Not Scars” that worked along with Ogilvy India. Three videos (in the form of a series) in which a real acid attack survivor shares some beauty tips. The videos, however, conclude by highlighting how concentrated acid is as easily available in the market as beauty products. This campaign went viral across the globe and many joined the conversation for #EndAcidSale.

To me this advertisement was brilliant. The victim makes an incredibly bold statement by bending traditional norms of female beauty. This powerful tactic brought a lot of attention to persistent attacks against many women and men in India. Moreover, I believe they broke the stigma around acid attack survivors and portrayed how they are as normal as we are.

Even though this was a campaign that was released in India, I believe it gained popularity in other countries because of the universality in the concept of acid attacks being a hate crime.

With increased hate crimes around the world – many including acid – such advertisements capture our attention and help spread the message of love.

In the 21st Century, social media is an influential tool. By using this ,companies, NGO’s and many more establishments are able to reach out to a larger audience much quicker. We have to agree it’s the day and age of Youtube. I feel that by creating this advertisement in the format of a  beauty vlog gathered a larger audience and was a more creative way of projecting this social concern.

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