Brotherly Love

The Product/Brand:


Message behind:
Coca-Cola could tighten relationships.

Coca Cola is a prominent soft-drink which produced by The Coca Cola Company in the late 19 century. 

Coca Cola is conspicuously good for their brand image. Whenever there is a gathering, there will always have Coca Cola. Coca Cola simply represents happiness. But in the commercial ‘Brotherly Love’, Coca Cola bombarded us with their house-warming advertisement. The discernible love-hate relationship between the two characters has adapted the commotion of brothers. And the ending truly is a surprise for the viewers.


The advertisement above display the relationship between the brothers who live in a typical household. Just like any other brothers, the older brother constantly fooling around with the younger brother, such as taping his hat and placing items in a non-reachable place (for his brother). However, the setting changes when the older brother stops the bullies who were picking on the younger brother by taking his coke away. After the rescue, the older brother remains the same pattern by tapping on the younger brother intentionally while he’s drinking the coke. The whole storyline symbolizes the relationship between a typical brotherly love.


During the scene where it shows the interaction between the brothers, it was shown in a typical middle-class household environment.

Long shots are used to show the interaction and close up were used to show the emotions within. Focus shots were used where they show the product for promotion.

Main Idea:

The target market of Coca-Cola is the general household, as Coca Cola creates bonding between relationships.

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