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Hey people,

Any of you football fans remember this ad?

This ad is a perfect example of a perfect football ad. It has everything. It had all of adidas’s iconic football stars and legends, from the past and the current ones (in 2006 at least). Which displayed world cup history.

What made this ad beautiful in my opinion was how it brought all of these stars together and put them in the setting of a street football game. It basically brought them back to their roots. It shows them freestyling and displaying their skills, and it showed humour between the footballers. Everyone enjoys watching their idols involved in some comedy. It was attractive in every way possible.

It displayed all of adidas’s products at the time. They were all dressed from head to toe in adidas products. It showed a variety of tops, shorts, socks, boots and even goalkeeper gloves, and most importantly the world cup ball. It advertised every product adidas had at the time. It was pretty clever. At the time when David beckham, Kaka and Zidane were about, they all had their own ‘lines of products’ so it saved adidas time and they all featured in that ad, along with the other teams kits that adidas sponsored.

Adidas didn’t forget the ‘features’ each boot was advertised to have as well. It showed the players that wear the ‘f50’ boot for example displaying the skills and pace which it was famous for, the players in the ‘predator’ boots crossing and taking shots as it was also advertised to be.

So yeah, this ad pretty much had it all in my opinion. I enjoyed to the point that I have this poster up in my room to this day. They just don’t do it like that anymore.

Let me know what you people think.

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